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What we stand for

We are a leading Asian E&P company driven by technology and green practices. PTTEP operates globally to provide reliable energy supply and sustainable value to all stakeholders.


We move forward by constantly seeking new challenges and striving to rise above them.

Our commitment
Discovery is at the heart of our business. New challenges excite us. We know that if we back ourselves and work together we can do more than meet our targets. We can lead our industry.


Our motivation is to achieve outstanding results drives us to go above and beyond.

Our commitment
This business is in our blood. We’re proud to be a part of it. We wake up each day hungry to make things happen. There’s an infectious feeling of enthusiasm here as we drive each other to go one step further every day. Everything hinges on the way we work together. Teamwork defines our business.


We unite as a team to share knowledge efficiently and effectively across the business and work towards a common goal.

Our commitment
We are one team. Whether we work individually or across teams, we support each other to achieve outstanding outcomes. We respect different perspectives and approaches. We share knowledge freely. Our doors are always open, as are our minds.

Performance excellence

We strive to exceed expectations by constantly improving best practice and performance in every discipline.

Our commitment
We hold ourselves to the highest standards. Every day, we look for new ways to exceed expectations and deliver beyond our promises. It’s not about ego. It’s about the satisfaction we feel in making our business as safe, responsible and productive as possible.


We embrace new thinking to improve the strategies, processes and relationships underpinning our success.

Our commitment
New thinking inspires us. We are always open to creative approaches and fresh ideas. Our ingenuity helps improve the way we work with each other and the systems and tools supporting our achievements.

Responsibility to society

We operate safely, responsibly and sustainably to deliver maximum benefit to the communities and economies supporting our operations while minimising our impact on the environment.

Our commitment
We consider the consequences of our actions. We are passionate about protecting the ecosystems supporting our operations. It feels good and it’s good business.

Integrity and ethics

We speak honestly, behave ethically and act in good faith both as individuals and as a business.

Our commitment
We stand by our word. There are no corners cut here. We share our ideas and opinions openly, both with each other and the people relying on us.

Trust and respect

We excel by believing in each other and valuing everyone’s contribution.

Our commitment
We come from many backgrounds to treat each other as equals. Although we may be separated by geography, we trust in one another’s expertise to get the job done. We’re not afraid to ask for help, nor offer our shoulder for support. That’s how we became a winning team. And that’s how we remain one.


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